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What’s the weather like in London?

London is a city that experiences the full force of the four seasons, so the timing of your visit will have a large impact on the clothes you bring, as well as some of the activities you may wish to do. Many visitors ask about London’s weather and how to pack for London’s weather.

The coldest month in London is usually February. The average low is about 2 °C (35 °F), but there will be occasional drops below freezing throughout both January and February. Snowfall varies: some years there is none at all; other years, London’s transport system comes to a halt despite only a few inches of the white stuff.

Summer weather temperatures in London are not quite as warm as some may expect, with average highs lying around 22 °C (72 °F), though the city environment makes it feel much warmer. Even at these temperatures, the non-air-conditioned underground lines are swelteringly hot. Some days in the summer may see temperatures top 30 °C (85 °F), and summer 2015’s heatwave even saw highs of 36 °C (97°F). In the evenings, temperatures tend to cool down quickly, so we recommend carrying a light jumper or hoodie with you.

London’s Spring and Autumn (Fall) seasons feel like they take up the majority of the year. From March to June, and September to November, expect highs of between 10°C and 20°C, and lows between 4°C and 11°C.

How much does it rain in London?
London’s rainfall is relatively consistent throughout the year, with monthly rainfall averaging between 46mm (1.7 inches) and 77mm (3 inches). Each month has 9 to 12 rainy days on average, with Autumn being the wettest season. February is the month with the least rain, but even this is only a marginal difference; averages say that October is generally the wettest month.

Month by Month Temperature Averages:
Temperatures noted below are averages, the first figure in each column is in Celsius, followed by Fahrenheit.


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